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Yesterday I had to attend a team bonding day with the people who work at our Nottingham office. I have nothing more to say....
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As most of you know I have a little bit of a thing for John Barrowman, yes I know he's gay but...he's Captain Jack. This week I went with Claire from work to see his show, not once but twice!!! It was brilliant both times, he really is Mr Entertainment, filling the gaps between songs with funny jokes and comments about his various television shows he thinks the BBC should now be called Barrowman Broadcasting Central. The songs were a mixture of contemporary and show tunes. The audience was mostly full of women, so of them even wearing Mrs John Barrowman T-Shirt (No I was not one of them) I really do think they thought they might be able to turn him. Anyway a great couple of nights and Milton Keynes to look forward too.
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Well it has happened somebody has stolen my Idenity. They hacked into my hotmail and Ebay account which is linked to my paypal account which in turn is linked to my bank account. I have had to spend the day cancelling bank details and speaking to call centres in India!!!` Anyway I don't know if they have taken any money yet but I am now cardless for the next week! Fingers crossed I got to it in time before. I have had a very bad day.
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As some of you might be aware I have been demoted in the office for a jumped up Temp who is going to be my BOSS come January. This has forced my hand and I have started looking for another job. I had an interview today and was going to turn it down but after certain events this afternoon I might not. I have applied to work at the central library so Linda if you could put a good word in that would be great.


Sep. 25th, 2007 02:13 pm
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Which Hereos Character are you?
Your Result: Peter Petrelli

A hospice nurse with the ability to absorb other people's powers, Peter is unable to control his powers in the beginning. He has good intentions and only wants to save people from what he might do. He comes to terms with his powers and is able to use them effectively. He has the ability to become the most powerful hero.

Jessica Sanders
Matt Parkman
Hiro Nakamura
Issac Mendez
Nathan Petrelli
Claire Bennet
Niki Sanders
Which Hereos Character are you?
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Yesterday was my 22nd Birthday I had a good beside's the fact i had to go to work. I had some lovely presents from Simon a necklace and ring plus a new DS Game. My parents alos bought me a necklace and ring as well as the second series of Life on Mars. So as everybody was saying yesterday I am on the downward spril towards 30 as I'm only 22 I think not but I am thinking that maybe Simon will trade me in for a younger model (Not Really).
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The following appeared in the paper this morning it looks like we haven't seen the end of DCI Gene Hunt.

The BBC has announced an Eighties sequel to the TV smash hit Life On Mars.

Ashes To Ashes will once again star Philip Glenister, 44, as unreconstructed chauvinist DCI Gene Hunt. But the series will move from the 1970s to the "New Romantic" 1980s and from the streets of Manchester to the capital.

Sam Tyler, played by John Simm, whose mysterious time-travel was finally explained in the finale of Life On Mars on Monday, will be replaced by a female DCI.

The search to find the actress to play DCI Alex Drake, a "sexy" and "intelligent" single mother, is currently under way for the drama, described as a "touch of Moonlighting teamed with a measure of Miami Vice".

Her character has risen rapidly through the Met and is using psychological profiling to capture suspects in the modern world of 2008. But when she and her daughter are kidnapped, she makes a daring attempt at escape which results in an accident.

She suddenly finds herself in 1981 interacting with Hunt, who has turned his attention to the "southern nancy" criminal scum in London. She also finds herself with familiar characters from her own lifetime and from the detailed reports logged by Sam Tyler - who will not be making a return.

The drama, on BBC1, will feature a soundtrack from the likes of Adam Ant, Roxy Music and The Human League.

Hunt is flanked by the same faithful sidekicks Ray Carling (Dean Andrews), who is keen to experience London's nightlife, and DC Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), now a technological whiz kid in the squad's surveillance team.

Filming is due to begin in London this summer for broadcast on BBC1 next year.

Jane Featherstone, executive producer for TV production company Kudos, said: "Ashes to Ashes is the next chapter in the life of Gene Hunt, as seen through the eyes of a modern, no-nonsense woman. It's a touch of Moonlighting teamed with a measure of Miami Vice. The search for Gene's sexy side-kick is definitely on - she'll hopefully give him a serious run for his money."

Will it work only time will tell.
Also the show has been nominated for 4 BAFTA's including Best Drama and Best Actor for John Simm but no nomination for Philip Glenister (What are they mad?) Let's hope it wins.


Mar. 19th, 2007 11:02 pm
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Tomorrow is my first day in my new job. Wish me luck. I will post tomorrow and tell you how it went.


Mar. 9th, 2007 09:37 pm
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Is this the first image from watchmen? I've never read it but I know everybody else will be happy.


Feb. 8th, 2007 11:12 pm
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Thought I would go outside and take some pictures of the snow what do you think?

Snow Bench
The Lady in the Snow
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The final book in the Harry Potter series will be released on 21st July 2007 just a few days after the fifth film comes out. Amazon are selling it for £8.99 but my bet is that you will be able to walk into any shop on the day of release and buy it cheap.
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I have just seen this beautiful jacket on ebay but I can't afford it. Simon if your reading this Valentine's day is only a few weeks away!!!!


Dec. 29th, 2006 11:11 pm
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I know christmas was almost a week ago now but I thought I write a little post anyway. So I spent christmas day at home with my parents and the ventured over to Simon's on Boxing Day, where he surprised me with a Nintendo DS which I so wasn't expecting I told him he shouldn't have bought it for me but he said it was a gift for putting up with him all year. (I don't) So that was about as exciting as it got for me hope you all had a good time.
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Today the title of Harry Potter 7 was reveled today and it is:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Looks like those rumors about her killing off Harry might be true. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

New Icons

Dec. 8th, 2006 10:54 pm
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Feeling in a Disney mood, so I found some new Icons.


Dec. 7th, 2006 11:00 pm
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Claims Direct assigned a lawyer to my claim today, so it looks like they are taking my claim seriously. I plan to take them for every penny.


Dec. 1st, 2006 10:44 pm
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As you all know I posted last week that I had hurt my ankle and needed to take a couple of days off work. Well I went back in on Monday after having only 2 days off and spent the first 25 minutes of my shift been told off by Nardia (Manager) who told me that if I had taken anymore time off I would have been placed on a disciplinary. Basically they think I made the whole thing up so I wouldn't have to come to work. Please remember that I do have to stand up all day. Well over the last few days I have been able to talk to the other girls who work on the counter and apparently Anna (Area Manager) wanted to fire me straight away on Thursday. Well today Julie (Another Manager!!!) paid us a visit and guess what at 4pm they fired me. "I'm sorry but we feel that this arrangement isn't working out." They then asked me if I wanted to work my weeks notice as if. So I packed up and left Nardia didn't even have the nerve to fire me herself let alone look me in the eye when I went back to collect a couple of things I had behind the counter. When I got home I phoned up work and spoke to the two girls who I like and they didn't even know they had fired me. Well we all have to to the conclusion that they have fired me because I hurt my ankle and had to have a couple of days off but of course they haven't said this to my face because I could sue them. So it look's like I will be spending Christmas jobless. I just can't believe they fired me for been ill.
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I was in town yesterday on my way to work when I decided to stop off and have a look at the magazine's in WHSmiths. Well it was raining yesterday and the floor was wet and as I turned round from one of the magazine racks and slipped on the wet floor. I fell backwards but my right foot went forward and over. Picking myself up I wasn't in any pain so I decided not to report it. I went to work after a couple of hours my ankle was throbbing and had swollen to twice it's size. So during my break I went back to WHSmiths to make my complaint. They said that wet floors happen so I'm not holding my breath of them taking any responsibly. After a trip to the NHS Direct I was told that my ankle was sprained and to keep off it but if it still hurt in the morning to go to A&E. Well this morning my ankle was turning a nice shade of blue/green and was still swollen. So my uncle drove me to A&E where they took some X-Ray's. They asked me if I had been wearing boots which I had. The doctor told me that if I had been wearing shoes I would have snapped my ankle. So I have to stay off it for a few days which means no work Yeah!! Work aren't happy but what can you do my boss will have to do some work for once. So I have to take it easy Simon isn't go to know what's hit him.
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The teaser for Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix has final come on-line and I must say it looks great. This is one of my least favorite of the books but all the main key points seem to be in the trailer can't wait. Click below to see it.


Nov. 17th, 2006 10:45 pm
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One of my previous posts was titled the joy of cars well I'm having car problems again. Today I want out with my Grandad to Merry Hill and after dropping him off back at home this afternoon I was on my way back home and a very big angry red light flashed on, on my dashboard telling me that i was having problems with my battery. Anyway Dad had a look and tested my battery only to find that it was almost flat and that my battery wasn't holding it's charge. So dad is taking it into the garage tomorrow god only knows what this is going to cost we can only wait and see.


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