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I was in town yesterday on my way to work when I decided to stop off and have a look at the magazine's in WHSmiths. Well it was raining yesterday and the floor was wet and as I turned round from one of the magazine racks and slipped on the wet floor. I fell backwards but my right foot went forward and over. Picking myself up I wasn't in any pain so I decided not to report it. I went to work after a couple of hours my ankle was throbbing and had swollen to twice it's size. So during my break I went back to WHSmiths to make my complaint. They said that wet floors happen so I'm not holding my breath of them taking any responsibly. After a trip to the NHS Direct I was told that my ankle was sprained and to keep off it but if it still hurt in the morning to go to A&E. Well this morning my ankle was turning a nice shade of blue/green and was still swollen. So my uncle drove me to A&E where they took some X-Ray's. They asked me if I had been wearing boots which I had. The doctor told me that if I had been wearing shoes I would have snapped my ankle. So I have to stay off it for a few days which means no work Yeah!! Work aren't happy but what can you do my boss will have to do some work for once. So I have to take it easy Simon isn't go to know what's hit him.
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