Dec. 1st, 2006


Dec. 1st, 2006 10:44 pm
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As you all know I posted last week that I had hurt my ankle and needed to take a couple of days off work. Well I went back in on Monday after having only 2 days off and spent the first 25 minutes of my shift been told off by Nardia (Manager) who told me that if I had taken anymore time off I would have been placed on a disciplinary. Basically they think I made the whole thing up so I wouldn't have to come to work. Please remember that I do have to stand up all day. Well over the last few days I have been able to talk to the other girls who work on the counter and apparently Anna (Area Manager) wanted to fire me straight away on Thursday. Well today Julie (Another Manager!!!) paid us a visit and guess what at 4pm they fired me. "I'm sorry but we feel that this arrangement isn't working out." They then asked me if I wanted to work my weeks notice as if. So I packed up and left Nardia didn't even have the nerve to fire me herself let alone look me in the eye when I went back to collect a couple of things I had behind the counter. When I got home I phoned up work and spoke to the two girls who I like and they didn't even know they had fired me. Well we all have to to the conclusion that they have fired me because I hurt my ankle and had to have a couple of days off but of course they haven't said this to my face because I could sue them. So it look's like I will be spending Christmas jobless. I just can't believe they fired me for been ill.


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